What is it?

The Magic DataBase™ is a software tool for Windows™ computers that allows a magician to organize all the information about his books, tricks, props, routines.  .  .anything that needs to be organized can be organized with The Magic DataBase™

Why do you need it?
  • You've forgotten which book has the instructions for a trick you want to relearn.
  • You're a working magician who wants to remember what tricks are in each routine.
  • You want a reminder of what tricks you want to learn in the near future.
  • You're a collector, and want to keep track of the value of your collection.
  • More . . .
Share Data

The export/import features allow you to share data with other users of the program.

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The Magic DataBase™ was created when its author wanted to find the book that described a trick he had done years previously. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember which of his books contained the description. At that moment, the idea of a computerized system that would allow the search for information by keywords, or props, etc. was born.

Along the way, The Magic DataBase™ became a way for organizing more than just tricks. A magician's props and books were added to the database's features.

Additionally, users of The Magic DataBase™ are given the ability to share data among themselves. This will allow users to find interesting material in books they were planning to purchase. Perhaps some day, publishers of magic books will post their own export files on the internet, to allow readers to easily find material that meets their explicit needs.

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Title Page for MagicDB Program
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If you're seeking a magic database and work on a PC, this one is well worth looking into. Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine, January, 2011

it can be a very powerful tool. Payne Fifield, M.U.M. January, 2011