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Once a month, we will be writing a column called Inside Ed's Head. As the title implies, it will be on whatever strikes us as interesting during the month. It will have reviews, instruction on various topics, and the occasional rant. We hope you'll find it interesting.
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December 2021 A Card in Hand, by Ted Annemann
(His Way and My Way)
November 2021 Transformations
(The First Coin Trick David Roth Taught Me)
October 2021 One-Way Ticket
(This'll Really Turn 'em Around)
April 2021 – September 2021 No coumn. In hospital/rehab/recouperating
March 2021 Jerry Andrus's Stainless Steal
February 2021 Andrus Card Control
(A Book Review)
January 2021 David Roth
(More Than a Coin Man)
December 2020 Soulmates
(Sometimes, It's True Love)
November 2020 Twenty is Plenty
(But Twenty-One is More Fun)
Darwin Ortiz's Stapled blackjack
October 2020 The Dirty Dog Transpo
(If They Knew, That'd be You)
September 2020 Strike Three, Part 2
(and More on The Paradigm Shift, Volume One)
August 2020 Strike Three, Part 1
(From Simon to Michael to Ed)
A Variation of Michael Close's "Base on Balls"
July 2020 Hass on the Half-Pass
(With a Little Twist)
June 2020 Jerry Hartman, Jerry Hartman
(When Writer's Block Hits, JKH to the Rescue)
A Case for Change.
May 2020 The Telephone Mystery
(A Wonderful Trick for a Horrible Time)
April 2020 A Swindle of Sorts, by Paul Curry
(Will this fool all of the people all of the time?)
March 2020 Tricks for Your Card-iologist
(They're the Guys Who Keep Hearts in Order)
Order Out of Chaos, by Lew R. Brooks
Jay Ose's False Cut
February 2020 Three Quick Tricks
(With Only One Picked)
The Bo-Top Change
The All-'Round-Square-Up Glimpse
The Jinx Change
January 2020 The Conjuror Community
(More Magic Than You Need, Almost as Much as You Want)
The Bouncers' Sandwich, by Adam Grace
The Top Change
December 2019 Impromptu Out of This World
(Thanks to Harry Lorayne)
May 2018 A Miss is as Good as a Mile
(It's OK, if Your Next Shot Hits)
Derek Dingle's
Too Many Cards
April 2018 It Started as a Joke
(But It Worked!)
February 2018 A The Backwards Card Trick, by Peter Kougasian
(Invisibility Isn't Always Permanent.)
January 2018 Cumulative Index of Articles
(68 Tricks, 80 Sleights)
December 2017 Predicting the Past
(It's Much Easier Than Predicting the Future)
November 2017 Impromptu Blankwave Revisited
(A Deck Undergoes a Radical Change)
October 2017 The Three Eyes
(Simon Aronson and Juan Tamiriz Have a Grandchild)
September 2017 More on Cyclical Stacks
(Si Stebbins Rides a Jackass to See Eight Kings)
Dunninger's Secret,
by James Swain
August 2017 For Everything, There is a Season
(Cyclical Stacks Help Defy Reason)
The Charlier shuffle
Si Stebbins Secret
July 2017 Rock, Rock, Rock Around the Clock
(Simon Says, "No Writer's Block.")
Two Minds and a Mate
by Simon Aronson
June 2017 The Diagonal Palm Clip/Cop
(I thought I invented it. I was Wrong.)
Doubled-Barreled Transpo
May 2017 Numbered, Numbered, Weighed, Divided
(It's Aramaic—look it up.)
Five Card Mene-Tekel Revelation
April 2017 The Seven Percent Solution
(Divided by 10,000.)
March 2017 The spectator Reads Your Mind
(Don't Worry; It's Only a Trick!)
February 2017 Clocking the Deck
(It's Time to Learn Something New)
January 2017 Predicted Coincidence Update
(How odd!)
Cumulative Index of Articles
December 2016 The World's Greatest Mentalism Trick
(Made Even Greater)
Worldly Things, by Steve Draun
November 2016 Some ACAAN Theory, Part 3
A Memorized Deck Trick
(With No Memory Needed)
Predicted Coincidence
October 2016 Some ACAAN Theory, Part 2
A Memorized Deck Trick
(With No Memory Needed)
Predicted Coincidence
September 2016 Some ACAAN Theory, Part 1
A Memorized Deck Trick
(With No Memory Needed)
Predicted Coincidence
August 2016 More on False Shuffles
The Push-Through False Shuffle
The Divided False Shuffle by Luis Otero
A Tip on the Zarrow Shuffle
June 2016 A False Shuffle and a Cut
(Good Things Are Worth Waiting For.)
Aronson Stripout Shuffle
Affus-Gaffus False Cut
May 2016 Please Don't Read This Column!
(I Want To Fool You With This Trick.)
Super Location by Harry Lorayne
April 2016 The Amount of Coin Magic Here Has Doubled
(The Size of My Half Dollar Has Tripled!)
Expanding Expenditure, by Mike Powers
March 2016 The Golden Retriever Takes Another Bite
Labrador Retriever, by Claudio Imperiale
Double Speller Plus
February 2016 The World's Greatest Ultra Mental Routine?
(Careful—Heads Might Explode)
January 2016 Cumulative Index of Inside Ed's Head
April 2012-December 2015
December 2015 The Power of Positive Thinking, Part 2
(This Month, 1 1/2 Tricks)
"The Bipolar Joker"
J.K. Hartman's "Hip-Hop Switch."
November 2015 Back to the 1970s
(We Revisit Million Dollar Card Secrets)
October 2015 Freddy Foxhead, An Origami Revelation
(For Vinnie)
September 2015 Bob Lusthaus: The Underground Creator
(He Can fix Tax Problems, Too!)
"The Riffle Shuffle Control"
August 2015 I Teach a Coin Trick!
(Is it the Apocalypse?)
July 2015 Paul Rosini's Double Reverse
(A good Trick +
an Easy Way to Practice a Sleight)
Ken Krenzel's "Mechanical Reverse"
June 2015 X Marks the Spot
(Finding Buried Treasure Can Be Amazing)
May 2015 Rara Avis
(A Trick For the Sharpest Among Us)
April 2015 Lord of the Kings
(How to Be a Master Magician)
March 2015 Pop-Out Moves
(From the Side, and From the Front)
A brand new move by J. K. Hartman, appearing first on our blog!
February 2015 A Simple Deck Switch
A cumulative index of Inside Ed's Head
January 2015 The Borgia Cards, Part 2
(A Tale of an Ambitious Family)
Larry Jennings' 'Optical Add-On"
Fred Kaps' "Top Move"
December 2014 The Borgia Cards, Part 1
(A Tale of an Ambitious Family)
September 2014 Some Essential Moves
Steve Draun's "Midnight Shift"
August 2014 Oh! Cullcutta!
Justin Higham's "Combination Cull"
July 2014 Going Home
(With Help From Tom Craven)
"Elmer's Homing card"
June 2014 John Bannon Steps Up!
No, It's Not a Mirage
"Be-Bop Deluxe"
May 2014 It Doesn't Count If the Audience can't See It
Featuring: Jerry Hartman's "Up Count"
April 2014 Do You Know Where Your Card Is Now?
(You're Wrong!)
"Impulse" by Peter Duffie.
March 2014 Counts
(We're not talking about royalty)
The Elmsley and E.Y.E counts.
February 2014 Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
(Blow Their Minds, Just Like a Bubble)
Push-off Double Lift from a Four-Card Packet
Push-off Double Lift from the Deck
January 2014 Mates
(Not Just for Lovers or Chess Players)
Marlo's "Hockley Move"
December 2013 The Golden Retriever
November 2013 Contemplating The Dream Card Part III
(I hope This Isn't Becoming a Nightmare!)
Vernon's "Pivot Change"
October 2013 Contemplating The Dream Card Part II
(One Never Knows When A Trick is Good Enough)
"The Bottom Deal Switch"
September 2013 Contemplating The Dream Card
(Another Kick Myself Moment)
"The Hofzinser Bottom Palm"
August 2013 Darwin Ortiz Issue
(Don't Do as I Did)
July 2013 Dealing From the Bottom
(Much Easier Than You Think)
"The Sorcerer's Spell"
June 2013 The Diagonal Palm Shift
(Easier Done Than Said)
May 2013 Jerry Hartman
(Leader of the Pack)
"My Favorite Four Ace Trick With Five Cards"
April 2013 H. S. Card to Spectator's Wallet
(Jerry Mentzer Approves
March 2013 Do You Like Bottoms? I Do!
(We are talking about card moves, right?)
"Immediate Bottom Deal," "Jinx Change," "Bo-Top Change"
February 2013 Barrie Richardson Approves of This Message
Jerry Mentzer is Missing
"H. S. Card to Card Case"
January 2013 Harry Lorayne Changed My Life!
From Harry Lorayne: "The Little Card That Wasn't There"
"The Turnover Change," by Paul Curry
December 2012 The Kosky Switch
(Hey Diddle Diddle, it Ain't in the Middle!)
"Signed Card to Kosky's Wallet"
October 2012 The Out-of-Body Experience
(The World's Greatest Card Trick?)
A Gift from Daryl
September 2012 The Name-a Card Project
My Lucky Number
August 2012 " Do As I Do - Stacked"
"Do As I Do - Ridged"
July 2012 One Way or Another I'm Gonna find Ya
"Mexican Joe Doesn't Live Here Anymore"
"Mexican Joe Breaks Into Tears"
"From Your Heart To My Mind"
June 2012 What Should You Bring When Invited to a Knife Fight?
A Gun!
May 2012 Why Practicing Magic Isn't Like Practicing the Piano
(Pianists Don't Need "Outs")
"Shake and a Sandwich"
April 2012 The Aronson Stebbins Stacked Deck
(and how to memorize it)